Trial contactless payment donations for Chester Walls

Cheshire Historic Buildings Preservation Trust is working with Cheshire West and Chester Council to consider ways of generating funds via public donations to support improvement and enhancement projects for targeted heritage assets across the Borough.

The Trust secured two handheld contactless payment devices to use at appropriate venues and events as part of a two-year trial initiative. The second stage of the initiative is to consider the installation of more permanent devices at appropriate locations across the Borough.

As part of the trial, a new contactless payment device including information about the projects the Trust is raising funds for is being installed at Thimbleby’s Tower on Chester City Walls.

Tony Barton, Chair of the Trust explained: “We have identified heritage assets that are privately owned, and ones owned and managed by the Council. The heritage assets and structures all require restoration, conservation or there is an opportunity to enhance them as is the case for the Chester City Walls.

“With the help of the Council we are installing the contactless payment device and associated information behind an existing glass panel at Thimbleby’s Tower on the Chester City Walls.”

Councillor Louise Gittins, Leader of Cheshire West and Chester Council said: “The Cheshire Historic Buildings Preservation Trust has previously been instrumental in restoring Ince Manor a Grade 1 listed building and Church House, Tarvin. The Trust has identified sites across the borough including Barton Stocks, Cross Base and Lock-up (Winsford) and Chester City Walls and Towers as future projects.

“The Council spends some £600,000 on repairing Chester Walls each year. The Council has a year-round maintenance programme of works along the City Walls but there are always areas that can be enhanced with additional funding.”

Stage two of the trial involves the installation of semi-permanent, ‘in situ’ and unsupervised contactless payment devices. One of the Trust’s handheld contactless payment devices will also be located under supervision, at Chester Visitor Information Centre to provide a similar opportunity for visitors.

(Photos courtesy of David Sejrup.)